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River Styx Scent Hounds in Ontario.  

View a video on how we got our name

What are Scent Hounds?
Scent hounds can include any of a number of hound dog breeds that hunt by scent. They are not necessarily all the same breed of dog.  Various kennel clubs group dogs of different breeds together and refer to them as Scent hounds.
We raise a number of different Purebred and Registered Scent hounds as well as occasional crosses to get the best of both breeds: BEAGLE and occasional POCKET or MINI BEAGLE puppies, BLUETICK COONHOUND puppies, Black and Tan Coonhounds and REDBONE COONHOUND puppies all call River Styx Farm home.
The hound dogs we raise are active in hunting a variety of game including deer, moose, coons and rabbits.  Just ask and we'd be happy to advise on which dogs are recommended for your hunting needs.
While we raise our Scent hounds with the goal of producing excellent hunting dogs, we offer puppies as companions to pet homes as well.  They have incredible temperaments and make outstanding pets for families who want a companion that's up for any adventure!

When possible, we welcome visitors to come and be hands on with any of our hound dogs.  They are very social and love any extra attention!

** update: due to the COVID-19 situation, we are limiting visitors coming to the farm. Please email for more information

River Styx History


Part of the Rideau Canal System


A  man-made lake created by the 7.6 to 8.5 m (25 to 28 ft.) of flooding by the locks and dam at Kingston Mills and so represents a "new" (post-1832) ecosystem.


In the pre-canal era a small Cataraqui River wound sinuously through a mixture of forest and swampy land that now forms the floor of Colonel By Lake.


The area under River Styx was forested land with the Cataraqui River running through it.


Much of River Styx sits on younger sandstone which lies on top of the much older Precambrian shield rocks.

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