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We breed all sizes of Beagles.

From purebred registered champion bloodline POCKET and MINI BEAGLES to fantastic standard size Beagles 13" up to 15" and sometimes a bit taller depending on bloodline.


No matter what size they are they have the Beagle personality that we all know and love so much.





What are Pocket or Mini Beagles?

This description may conjure up pictures of teeny tiny

little dogs being carried around in purses.  However, the pocket beagle got it's name from the time of fox hunting.  Hunters, for convenience, would carry their beagles in the pocket of the saddle bag on the horse.

They were a smaller beagle but not a teacup size by any means.   They range from 14.5 to about 18 pounds.  Mini Beagles fall around 19 to 25 pounds and 13".


We have a variety of very small female pocket or mini beagles

Dixie is 13", AKC/CKC/UKC registered and her pedigree is just WOW.  Every dog on her pedigree in the first three generations, save ONE, is a Champion in the Field trials.

Pocket Beagle Penny (17.5 lbs) and Rensie have a CKC Champion father and excellent champion pedigree.


Pocket Beagle Minnie (14.5 pounds) is a daughter of Pocket Beagle Penny.  Dodge is her daddy!

Lola and Dodge have fantastic champion lineage. They are both AKC/CKC/UKC registered


Most of our males are 13", however our CKC/UKC male Magnum is a new addition for 2019 and he's our Pocket Beagle male.  Outstanding pedigree.  We are excited to finally have a fantastic small male to produce pocket and mini Beagles.


We breed for temperament and hunting skill.  Our Beagles are very affectionate, social and have that typical clownish happy-go-lucky personality that would make awesome family companions.  Of course they'd be happy to go out hunting or hiking or doing anything you enjoy. They just want to be with you!

Photos and more videos soon of our great colorful variety of Beagles!

(Beagle illustration compliments of MAYA!!  Thank you for visiting us Maya and congratulations on your upcoming Beagle puppy!)







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