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Ontario breeder of Purebred Beagles!


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We breed all sizes and many colors of Beagles.

From purebred registered champion bloodline POCKET and MINI BEAGLES to fantastic standard size Beagles 13" up to 15" and sometimes a bit taller depending on bloodline.


No matter what size they are they have the Beagle personality that we all know and love so much.



                                Click picture to see Emma's lemon Beagle puppies!


What are Pocket or Mini Beagles?


Video shows size comparison of pocket beagle puppies and a standard 13" beagle puppy

born the same day 

The description of Mini and Pocket Beagle are not 'official' categories in the beagle breed.  However, reality is that there can be quite a size difference within the Beagle breed even when coming from Champion purebred bloodlines.   


Pocket Beagle may conjure up pictures of teeny tiny little dogs being carried around in purses.  However, the pocket beagle got it's name from the time of fox hunting.  Hunters, for convenience, would carry their beagles in the pocket of the saddle bag on the horse.

They were a smaller beagle but not a teacup size by any means.  A Pocket Beagle is under 12" at the shoulder.  The weight can vary.  We have purebred, Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) champion bloodline Beagles that fall into this category. They are not mixed with another breed of dog.  They were bred small for running in the field trials.

I personally refer to some of our Beagles as "Mini Beagles" since they are 13" at the shoulder and fall around 21 to 25 pound range depending on gender.  That's fairly mini!! 


With the introduction of our newest Pocket Beagle male TERRIBLE TEDDY, born and raised at River Styx Scent Hounds, we have been delighted at the Pocket Beagle puppies born in 2021.  Excellent bloodline from AKC/CKC Beagles


Teddy is still terribly cute, terribly silly, terribly naughty but totally adorable!!

Pocket Beagle Penny (17.5 lbs) and our little Rensie have a CKC Champion father and excellent champion pedigree.


Pocket Beagle Minnie (14.5 pounds) is mom to Terrible Teddy and her line is full of CKC and AKC champions

We are excited that new tiny Pocket Beagles will be joining the ranks for 2022.  All with amazing pedigrees.  No outcrosses in our Pocket Beagles!!

We have many CKC/UKC registered females that would fall in the 'mini-beagle' range.  Excellent pedigrees.


We breed for temperament and hunting skill but the smallest pocket beagles aren't part of the hunting program.  Our Beagles are very affectionate, social and have that typical clownish happy-go-lucky personality that would make awesome family companions.  Of course they'd be happy to go out hunting small game or hiking or doing anything you enjoy. They just want to be with you!

(Beagle illustration compliments of MAYA!!  Thank you for visiting us Maya and congratulations on your new Beagle puppy KARTER!)


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